Wisonic Clover ultrasound system

Set with 2 transducers 8000 €

Demo device with warranty for customers from Latvia, without warranty outside Latvia.

Clover Series

Affordable Excellence for All.

The most lightweight HCU with two probe ports in the world

The Clover system is a full function hand-carried ultrasound with extremely lightweight, easy to use, durable and best-in-class image quality. From now on, you need not trade-off between the performance and the weight.

HOLO™ Platform

The HOLO™ platform with the advanced ultrasound plan wave technology, provides a cutting-edge 64-beam imaging. Due to high-speed hardware platform, the system can handle up-to 5000 frames image per second, which increases the diagnosis confidence significantly.


HOLO™ PW support max 3 PW imaging under real-time and frozen status. It is an essential tool in accurately evaluating plaque tools, which can synchronize measure the vessel before at & after the vascular pathologic.

Ultra-Wide Steer Angle

A precise tool to match vessel angle & blood flow, up to 30° maximum angle, quick angel or simple 1° steps, offers complete user control.

Auto Doppler

The Clover can auto locate the blood vessels, then adjusts the color ROI box position, steer angle, gate size, PW steer angle and correction angle. With Auto Doppler, confidence and time saving are a standard feature.

Time-Spatial Speckle Suppression Imaging

Based on the HOLO™ highest frame rate, the Clover reduces speckle precisely not only in the spatial dimension but also in the time dimension.

Broad Set of Transducers

Including our 20 MHz linear probe, the Clover system supports all examinations.

Additional, Wisonic offers the specific central line mark on the probe to assist any out-plane biopsy.