Wisonic Navi ultraskaņas iekārta

Komplekts ar divām zondēm 9000 €

Latvijā ar garantiju.

 A Vison for Precise Navigation

Navi series is industry first dedicated ultrasound for anesthesia. She redefines standard for

professional anesthetic ultrasound by providing best in detail image and customized design. Navi is

indispensable to an anesthesiologist as previously difficult scenarios are converted to simpler tasks.

“Seeing is believing” they say, and with device there will be no more stabbing in the dark!

19-inch Industry Largest Touch Screen


Whole Day Duration Battery

Continuous scan greater than 7 hours, independent battery duration display,

retractable battery design

Probe Button

3 buttons, function display interface, remote control.

Electric Height Adjustable

One button height adjustment, 30cm height range.

wiNeedle Intelligent Enhance

Real-time detection, automatic beam steer,

intelligent needle shaft and tip enhance.

wiLearn Education Center

Built-in comprehensive online education content, learn with ultrasound image and anatomical graphs.

Probe Disinfection

Special-designed probe holder, no need for extra assistance.

Exceptional imaging Quality